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  1. 2012.02.28 Skyrim Mod: Silverlight Armor and Warglaives (2)
This Skyrim Mod adds Silverlight Armor and Warglaives. Armor is CBBE compatible and there are skin version and chainmale version available. So please download the one that you pefer. There is also Warglaives available for downloads so even if you downloaded Wargliaves of Azzinoth that I introduced, you might want to check out this version as there are few other colors available.

skyrim mod silverlight armor

skyrim mod silverlight armor

Download Skyrim Mod Silverlight Armor and Warglaives
Silverlight Armor and Warglaives

* Recommend to install using NMM
* Armors are craftable at any forge under Elven section
* Wing is not included in this mod. For wings check out Angels in Skyrim

Posted by Sean Shine