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  1. 2012.02.16 Skyrim Mod: Quality World Map (1)
Skyrim Mod: Quality World Map changes Skyrim world map with high quality world map and makes roads visible. There are different versions available so choose the one that you prefer.

I just love this mod so much more than original one because this shows you the road! Now you don't have to worry about getting lost when you go to different location by walk.

skyrim quality world map with roads

Download Skyrim Mod: Quality World Map
A Quality World Map With Roads

How to Install Skyrim Mod: Quality World Map
* I recommend you to install this mod with Nexus Mod Manager
* Extract and copy it to Skyrim\Data folder

How to Use Skyrim Mod: Quality World Map
* If you go to World Map by using 'M' you will see the mod is applied
* If you don't, then the mod is not installed correctly

Posted by Sean Shine

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