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  1. 2012.02.16 Skyrim Mod: Main Menu Song Replacer by Saskia (2)
Skyrim Mod: Main Menu Song Replacer by Saskia simply replaces your main menu music with 'Tale of The Tongues' performed by Saskia Kusrahadianti.

She has such a beautiful voice! I bet whenever you start Skyrim, you will have to listen to her song before you load the game. At least, that's what I always do.

skyrim mod main menu replacer

Download Skyrim Mod: Main Menu Song Replacer by Saskia
Skyrim Mod Main Menu Song Replacer by Saskia

How to Install Skyrim Mod: Main Menu Song Replacer by Saskia
* Extract and copy the folder to Skyrim\Data folder

How to use Skyrim Mod: Main Menu Song Replacer by Saskia
* Just launch Skyrim, you will hear the song starts automatically!

Tale of The Tongues by Saskia

Posted by Sean Shine

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