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  1. 2012.02.12 How to install Skyrim Mods (3)
If you are playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the first time and have no idea how to install mods, you probably want to read this article. Skyrim mods let you change original game to the taste of your own. There are people who prefer to play Skyrim as it is but installing mods definitely make your Skyrim experience more fun and enjoyable. Although, I highly recommend you to start installing mods after you finish main quests or after you have enough knowledge about the basics of the game. That is just because once you start using mods, there is no going back!

1. Nexus Mod Manager
NMM is the program made by Skyrim Nexus which lets you downloads, install and organize Skyrim mods very easy and fast. Even though you can install some of the mod without Mod Manager, I recommend you to use NMM. Because once you start installing different mods manually it is hard to keep track on them. So downloads NMM from the link below.

Nexus Mod Manager Download 

After you download the NMM, you can install it wherever you want. I recommend you not to install in programs folder otherwise you will have to 'run as admin'. You will need to register and login in order to use NMM.

skyrim NMM install

If you downloads and put mods in Mod Directory, NMM will bring it up on the list automatically.

skyrim nexus mod manager

This is basically how it looks when you run NMM.


how to install skyrim mods

Your mods will appear on the Mods tap once you download and put it on the Mod Directory. Double-clicking on the mod will pop confirm window up. Click on 'Yes to all' and your mod is ready to go.

2. Skyrim Script Extender
SKSE is not 'required' for every mods but some of them will. This basically extends script to us mods by replacing your Skyrim launcher so this is also recommended if you plan to use mods. Just be sure to check often as they get updated continuously.

Skyrim Script Extender Download

Once you download and unzip SKSE, copy two .dll files and skse_loader.exe file to the folder where you installed skyrim. Now, you should be able to launch Skyrim with skse_loader.exe file (there is no visible difference). However, since we are using NMM, you have to change Launch Skyrim to Launch SKSE by clicking on small arrow button. It is on the top left corner once you open NMM.

3. Data Files
This is for people who do not use NMM and install mods manually. When you downloads mods most of them have .esp file. You have to activate them at Data File.

Problem is that sometimes you are not able to access to the DATA FILES. If this happens do the following;

1. Find SkyrimPrefs.ini file on My Docs\My Games\Skyrim
2. Open it with Wordpad and add bEnableFileSelection=1 under [Launcher]
(if you already have them just change the number 0 to 1)

I hope this article helped you to install and use Skyrim mods. Now you are all set to go. Enjoy Skyrim!

Posted by Sean Shine