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SkyUI is the one of the most popular Skyrim mods in Skyrim Nexus. It chages original Skyrim's UI more easy to use. My personal best feature is that you can search the item by its name. This feature is very useful if you have too much items in your inventory like me.

SkyUI requires SKSE and recommended to use NMM to install

skyrim skyui

SkyUI Download

Posted by Sean Shine

Have you heard about Malukah's Skyrim cover Dragonborn Comes? This mod replaces Original Skyrim bard song 'Dragonborn comes' with Malukah's version. Now you can listen to her beautiful voice at Skyrim Inns whenever you want. Especially when you get tired of killing draugrs and dragons at Skyrim.

skyrim bard song dragonborn comes

Dragonborn Song with Lute Download

Posted by Sean Shine
Tera Hair Pack mod adds stylish new hairs to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Actually, these hairs are from popular Korean MMO called 'Tera' and this mod simply adds hairs from Tera.

There are total of 15 hairs included in Tera Hair Pack mod and they do not replace any of vanila Skyrim hairs. So, enjoy!

the elderscrolls5 skyrim hair

skyrim mods tera hair

skyrim mods

skyrim mods

skyrim tera mod

skyrim hair mod

skyrim tera hair pack

skyrim mod

Skyrim Tera Hair Pack Download

* Installation
1. Copy meshes, textures folder and .esp file under Skyrim\Data folder
2. Check esp on 'Data Files' or uses NMM

Posted by Sean Shine