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  1. 2012.02.16 Skyrim Mod: Magicka Sabers (2)
  2. 2012.02.13 Skyrim Mod: Warglaive of Azzinoth
  3. 2012.02.13 Skyrim Dagger Craft Package (1)
Are you the fan of Star Wars series? This Skyrim Mod - Magick Sabers is definitely the one you will like. This mod adds different colors and types of Lightsabers to Skyrim. First time you see this mod you probably think it doesn't fit into Skyrim but if you try, you will see how cool it is!

Check out my video below to see cool sound effects of Lightsabers!

skyrim mod magicka sabers

skyrim mod lightsabers

skyrim mod two handed magicka sabers

Downlaod Skyrim Mod Magicka Sabers
Skyrim Mod: Magicka Sabers

How to Install Skyrim Mod Magicka Sabers
* Use Nexus Mod Manager
* Extract and copy it to Skyrim\Data folder

How to get Skyrim Mod Magicka Sabers
* Lightsabers are craftable at any forge under Daedric setion
* Yon need Daedric smithing perk to craft
* There are one-handed and two-handed version available

Posted by Sean Shine
Warglaive of Azzinoth: The twin blades of Azzinoth will be added to Skyrim. You can create these blades at forge under Dragon section without perk. You can improve and enchant them as well.

They look pretty Cool!

skyrim warglaive of azzinoth

skyrim twin blades of azzinoth

skyrim mods

the elderscrll 5 skyrim mods

Warglaive of Azzinoth Mod

Posted by Sean Shine

Dagger Craft Package adds 5 craftable daggers to the Skyrim. The quality of those daggers is great and I recommend this mod to people who play stealth character. You can create those daggers at any forge under Dragon section.

skyrim mods

skyrim dagger craft package

dagger craft package



Skyrim Dagger Craft Package

Posted by Sean Shine