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  1. 2012.02.27 Skyrim Mod: Thor's Hammer Mjolnir (3)
  2. 2012.02.27 Skyrim Mod: Sword of the Seeker
  3. 2012.02.16 Skyrim Dragonbone Weapon Pack (2)
Now you can become Thor in Skyrim. This mod adds Thor's Hammer Mjolnir to Skyrim. Mjolnir has knockback and shockwave applied but if you don't want these effects than you can just use the calm version which is also included in the mod.

I hope someone would make Thor's armor so that we can fully experience Thor in Skyrim

skyrim mod Thor's Hammer Mjolnir

skyrim mod Mjolnir

Download Skyrim Mod Thor's Hammer Mjolnir
Thor's Hammer Mjolnir

* Recommend to install using NMM
* You can create Mjolnir at any forge under Daedric section

Posted by Sean Shine
This Sword of the Seeker mod is made by Favoredsoul who also made Angel Wings and other great mods. This sword is one-handed and the name on the Skyrim is Sword of Truth.

I just have to love this modder. The Sword of Truth looks amazing especially when it's dark.

Skyrim mod sword of truth

Download Skyrim Mod Sword of the Seeker
Sword of Truth

* Recommend to install using NMM 
* You can create the sword at any forge with steel smithing perk

Posted by Sean Shine
Skyrim Dragonbone Weapon Pack adds craftable Dragonbone sword, bow and Warhammer to Skyrim. Since there is no craftable weapon under Dragon section in Skyrim, this is a good mod if you have always wanted Dragonbone weapons. Modder is also working on dagger, axe, and greatsword so check back for an update.

This weapons fit very well with Skyrim and look really natural.

skyrim mod dragonbone weapon pack sword

skyrim dragonbone bow

skyrim dragonbone warhammer

Download Skyrim Dragonbone Weapon Pack
Skyrim Dragonbone Weapon Pack

How to Install Skyrim Dragonbone Weapon Pack
* Recommend to use Nexus Mod Manager
* Extract and copy it to Skyrim\Data folder

** You MUST activate update.esm in your NMM or Launcher to make it work properly

How to Get Skyrim Dragonbone Weapon Pack
* You can craft at any Blacksmith Forge in Skyrim under Dragon section
* You need Dragon smithing perk to create weapons
console commend: player.addperk 0052190

Posted by Sean Shine