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Do you remember Triss from Witcher 2? Try this Skyrim Mod: Triss Armor! You can now wear Triss armor in Skyrim. I honestly didn't play Witcher game series YET, but this Armor is the one of my favorite armor mods is Skyrim.

There are total of 8 colors available and just choose one that you like. Oh, also Triss Armor Mod works with CBBE body mod!

Skyrim Mod Triss Armor green brown

Skyrim Mod Triss Armor dark

skyrim mod triss armor red brwon

Skyrim Mod: Triss Armor cbbe

Download Skyrim Mod Triss Armor
Triss Armor Retextured

How to Install Skyrim Mod Triss Armor

* Use Nexus Mod Manager to install
1. Extract fie
2. Copy the folder to Skyrim Data folder (detailed explanation on the link)

How to Use Skyrim Mod Triss Armor
1. Go to Riverwood and find 'Riverwood Trader' or Go to Solitude and find 'Radiant Raiment'.
2. Find "Tailor's Yearly - 3E 177 Edition" from 'Giveaways' strong box
3. You will find ingredient to craft Triss Armor
4. Craft at any Forge in Skyrim!

Witcher2 Triss

This is Triss from Witcher 2

Posted by Sean Shine
Skyrim Mod: Heroic Dwarven Armor and Weapons is retextured pack of Dwarven Armor in Skyrim. So this mod will replace your original dwarven armor to Heroic version.

So far this is the best Dwarven retexture mod I've seen. The quality of armors and weapons looks just amazing. If you don't like the original look of dwarven sets, I highly recommend this Skyrim mod. So check it out!

skyrim mod dwarven armor

skyrim mod dwarven greatsword

skyrim mod heroic dwarven set

skyrim original dwarven armor

Look how crapy the original one looks

Download Skyrim Mod Heroic Dwarven Armor and Weapons
Skyrim Mod: Heroic Dwarven Armor and Weapons

How to Install Skyrim Mod Heroic Dwarven Armor and Weapons
* Use Nexus Mod Manager
1. Extract File
2. Copy the folder to your Skyrim data folder

How to use Skyrim Mod Heroic Dwarven Armor and Weapons
Well, as I mentioned this mod is only retexturing the original. So, if you get dwarven armor or weapon during play you will see the change.

In case you want to get Dwarven Armor by console..
Hit ~ and then type player.additem 'item code' 1

Dwarven Armor: 0001394D
Dwarven Sword: 00013999
Dwarven Greatsword: 00013997
Dwarven Arrow: 000139BC
Dwaven Battle Axe: 00013994
Dwarven Bow: 00013995
Dwarven Dagger: 00013996
Dwarven Mace: 00013998
Dwarven War Axe: 00013993
Dwarven Warhammer: 0001399A

* There is puple look version named Royal Heroic Dwarven Armor under updates. So if you like this one better than install it after you install the main file.

skyrim dwarven armor

Posted by Sean Shine