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  1. 2012.02.28 Skyrim Mod: Silverlight Armor and Warglaives (2)
  2. 2012.02.28 Skyrim Mod: Evening Star (6)
  3. 2012.02.27 Skyrim Mod: Angels in Skyrim (1)
This Skyrim Mod adds Silverlight Armor and Warglaives. Armor is CBBE compatible and there are skin version and chainmale version available. So please download the one that you pefer. There is also Warglaives available for downloads so even if you downloaded Wargliaves of Azzinoth that I introduced, you might want to check out this version as there are few other colors available.

skyrim mod silverlight armor

skyrim mod silverlight armor

Download Skyrim Mod Silverlight Armor and Warglaives
Silverlight Armor and Warglaives

* Recommend to install using NMM
* Armors are craftable at any forge under Elven section
* Wing is not included in this mod. For wings check out Angels in Skyrim

Posted by Sean Shine
This Skyrim mod adds Evening Star amulet from The Lord of the Rings. Evenstar is also made by FavoredSoul who made Angel wings and Sword of Truth as well. Evening Star changes is very shiny and changes color.

There are different versions you can download according to the body mod you use so download the one that suits your body (CBBE or UNP). If you are not using any body mod then just use vanilla version. 

Download Skyrim Mod Evening Star
Evening Star

* Recommend to install using NMM
* You can create Evening Star at any forge under Jewelly section

Posted by Sean Shine

Angels in Skyrim mod adds craftable Angel feather wings to Skyrim. There are black and white version included so you can switch around according to your outfit. This mod is recommended if you are playing female character

Personally, this Skyrim mod is what I've always wanted and became my favorite. This Angel wings look just great.

skyrim mod angels

Download Skyrim Mod: Angels in Skyrim
Angel Wings in Skyrim

* Recommend you to install using NMM
* You can create wings at any forge

Posted by Sean Shine